Sex In Humans

We humans are a bundle of emotions. Unlike animals that are driven purely by instinct, humans are endowed with reason and feelings that allow them to discriminate, think, feel and take decisions. None of our actions are purely instinct driven but in all cases the basic drives and instincts are driven by our mind and thoughts. For example, hunger is a biological drive. Animals search and kill their prey for food only when they are hungry. They have no concept of over eating and eat only as much as their body needs. Unlike humans they do not kill and keep leftover food for their next meal. Just because the meat is tasty, they do not over eat and over eat. It is only humans who forget that they eat to live and rather live to eat. Our obsession with food is directly attributable to our mind and our senses. Our senses taste, touch and smell the food and pass on the information to the mind which they engages in the physical senses and enjoys the passion. Our body needs a bare minimum quantity of food for generating and maintaining energy required for the body. Actually the body is sustained by the cosmic energy that is instilled through the air we breathe. However our minds have been programmed to believe that we survive through food and hence we indulge in eating and our emotions are connected with food.

The same goes for the sexual drive in men and women too. Sexual drive in man is a basic biological drive that is activated by the hormones. Animals have seasonal cycle during which they become sexually active and mate. In case of humans, though the physiological action is based on hormones and is periodical, as the feeling and sensations are felt by the heart and mind, humans engage in sex without any pre ordained cycle or season.

Not many people understand this connection between our mind and emotions to the sexual drive. There are many men who engaged and seek sex in excess. The reason for this can be the excessive hormonal secretion or even an emotional need or insecurity that is lurking in the mind and pushing the individual to seek to express in the form of sex. Many men do hinge their ego and manliness on their sexual prowess. There are men who believe that sex holds the key to success and permanency of relationship. This is however not true. Relationships are based on mutual friendship, love, trust and companionship rather than just the sexual needs. Sexual health of men does not remain the same all the time. Many times men do go through sexual health problems resulting in erectile dysfunction and inability to engage in satisfactory sex. But then many relationships do survive this when both partners are in love and share a deeper feeling of love. Nevertheless we cannot ignore the fact that sex is a major cause of breaking or making of a relationship especially amongst the younger lot. Sexual health and emotional health play an important part in the sexual relationship.