Life At Cross Roads

There is a saying that says ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’. This is very much true in all cases. Look around you, you will find examples in your own life. All you have got to do is to do is to look at your grandmother, mother and your wife. All of their stories tend to be similar. When they got married, they were innocent with no idea of what real life challenges could be. All that they probably knew and looked forward to was to have a beautiful home, a loving husband and beautiful children. Their life began and ended with their home and family perhaps. Every girl hopes for a life of ‘they lived happily ever after’.

After settling down into new life, women slowly begin to understand that life is not that rosy as they thought so. They have got to manage multiple responsibilities and everyday challenges. You get to understand one another better as the time goes by. Every relationship between married couples may not be perfect. Sometimes you have dissimilarities and incorrigible differences between the couples which comes to surface when you go through life together. In most cases the partners learn to put up with and make adjustments to get on with life. Kids become priority and with increased responsibilities the entire effort and focus of both the partners gets diverted to earning more and more money as well as looking after children. The next twenty years of life are the busiest and filled with milestones such as moving into an own home, paying off home loan, children’s education, vacations etc. Quite often the couple find that they have not time or space for each other. By the time they are in bed , they are ready to drop down dead in sleep and have no time or energy to spend with each other. The woman has hardly any physical energy left because she takes on more tasks that the rest of the family which can be physically exerting.

Most women get very practical in dealing with life at this stage. They look at their husbands for partnership and support to raise their families. They seldom think of themselves or rather have no time to think of themselves and what they want out of life.

Around the time the couple are in their late 40s, life begins to take another turn. Children leave home for the university and many women face what is called the Empty Nest feeling. This is a very crucial stage for the couple for they need to learn to plan and face a new situation in life. This is when the quality of relationship gets to be seen. If the couple have not really been happy with one another, we see them taking a call to separate and lead their own lives. Normally women as well as men sit down and think about themselves and figure out what all they want to do in their life. If the relationship between the couple has been good, then life can take a turn for better where both can begin to rediscover each other and enjoy a new found togetherness. Many couples begin to enjoy romance once again and the meaning of love, sex and companionship has a new meaning at this stage. Women go through hormonal imbalances and will require a lot of emotional support from the family and the spouse. Men at this stage normally find that their body’s production of testosterone begins to decline. Many men begin to suffer from erectile dysfunction too. Men too will need medical attention and a treatment of multi vitamins and hormonal supplements together with Viagra to rectify the erectile dysfunction problem.

Once the medical and physical problems have been sorted out, it is time to start planning for enjoying a new found freedom. Now the couples have sufficient cash on hand to spend, time for each other and a lifetime ahead to rediscover life. This is the golden period for all couples for you are in the pink of health to enjoy healthy romance and can take time to pursue any interest that you have always wanted to or simply pack your bags and go on a long trail.

If you happen to be at this stage in life, remember you have a golden opportunity. Before you grow old and step into the next stage, make the most of what you have on hand. Enjoy each other’s company and go visiting faraway places and across the globe, for you have got only one life to live. But do not forget to order Viagra online and get it delivered home.